Communication and Outreach Strategy 2022
April 10, 2023
  1. Call letters for Interview (including technical branch) have been issued via email to successful candidates who have qualified for interview. Call letters have been issued according to merit. Against 1 vacancy, 3 top candidates have been called for interview. For example, there are 3 vacancies of Senior Analyst in Counter Terrorism Wing. These are further divided into: 1 for Punjab, 1 for Sindh (R) and 1 for KP. Top 3 candidates have been called from Punjab domiciled candidates, 3 top candidates for Sindh (R) domiciled candidates and 3 top candidates from KP domiciled candidates.
    Candidates who secured less than 33% marks in the written examination are considered failed. They are not called even if there is a vacancy in their quota. The provincial / regional quota is being strictly followed. Another example is that there 04 vacancies of Punjab in category of Junior Analyst in Counter Terrorism Branch. Top 12 candidates from Punjab have been called. In CVE Branch, there is 1 vacancy of Analyst for Balochistan. 3 top candidates have been called for interview.
    Note: The candidates who do not receive call letter for interview, it means that they have not qualified for interview. They have not secured position in top 3 candidates against 1 vacancy in Written Examination.

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