September 8, 2021

Current Issue

Complete Journal   i.         Terrorist Tactic Contradiction : Academic Disjuncture Between Terrorism and Terrorist Tactics Dr. Dayyab Gillani   ii.        Terrorism in Pakistan: Pre & Post COVID -19 Analysis Dr. Ijaz Khalid, Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, Muhammad Bilal   iii.      A Shift from Traditional Security to Human Security Approach:  An Analysis of National Internal Security of Pakistan (2018-2023) Sidra Shabbir   iv.    […]
September 15, 2021


Complete Journal   i.   Can Terrorism be Defined? A Critique on Walter Laqueur Dayyab Gillani   ii.   Corrosion of Traditional Political Power in North Waziristan after […]
September 16, 2021

Vol-1, issue-II, July-Dec 2019

Complete Journal   i. Critical Appraisal of Pakistan’s Efforts in (Re) Constructing a National Narrative to Violent Extremism and Terrorism: A Case of Paigham-e-Pakistan Muhammad Makki […]
September 17, 2021

Vol-1, Issue-1, Jan-July 2019

Complete Journal   i. Radicalization of Educated Youth in Pakistan: Traits, Narratives and Trends Abdul Basit   ii. Women in Islamist Terrorism in Pakistan Farhan Zahid […]