Proscribed Organizations
August 23, 2017

Counter Terrorism Wing of NACTA is working as the core wing of the Authority. CT wing deals with the subjects of Counter Terrorism (CT) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT). It is headed by a Director General, supported by two Directors each dealing with CT & CFT respectively. The Directors are further assisted by Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors.  Mandate of CT wing is as under:-

  1. Developing and regularly updating CT & CFT National Policies.
  2. Incorporating feedback from provincial and federal LEAs into the CT & CFT Policies.
  3. Keeping liaison and coordination with LEAs and Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID) on CT & CFT issues.
  4. Collecting and updating information on CT & CFT from LEAs and other National Agencies and disseminating to all concerned for necessary action.
  5. Maintaining databases of proscribed organizations/persons.
  6. Monitoring action against proscribed organizations/persons
  7. Raising and strengthening of CTDs/CFT Units in provinces.
  8. Matters relating to CT & CFT cooperation with other countries and International Organizations /Forums.
  9. Rehabilitation Programme for Young Victims of Terrorism
  10. Monitoring and evaluating progress of Counter Terrorism Departments and Agencies in the provinces.
  11. Devising National Explosive Regulatory Policy for identification & Tracking / Tracing of explosives.

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