National Narrative
August 23, 2017

NACTA has fully functional Counter Extremism Wing primarily mandated to propose Counter Extremism strategies and comprehensive National Counter Extremism Policy (NCEP). It is headed by a Director General, who assists National Coordinator in discharging functions of the Authority in reference to CVE specifically. Director General is supported by two Directors who deal with counter extremism policy development and counter extremism information, respectively. The directors are assisted by Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors.

The mandate of the wing is as under:

  1. Design and manage CVE programs.
  2. Collaborate with existing international partners to identify opportunities to collaborate on CVE-related research and development
  3. Identifying populations targeted by violent extremist propaganda, messaging or recruitment
  4. Identifying risk factors that contribute to violent extremism in communities in Pakistan and potential remedies for public private institutions
  5. Collaborate with provincial and Federal departments responsible for efforts relating to countering violent extremism.
  6. Managing the outreach engagement efforts directed towards communities and areas at risk for radicalization and recruitment for violent extremist activities.
  7. Establish a CVE Executive Steering Committee to oversee policy, strategy, and operational issues concerning CVE programs and initiatives


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