Federal-Provincial Training for LEAs for CFT

Federal-Provincial Training for Law Enforcement Officials on CTF
December 27, 2018
Joint Investigator-Prosecutor Workshops on CTF
February 20, 2019

National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) in collaboration with the UNODC organized two Countering Financing of Terrorism Trainings; in Islamabad on 14-15 January 2019, and in Lahore on 17-18 January, 2019. The attendees comprised of officers from federal and provincial law enforcement agencies, including provincial CTDs, FIA, ANF and Intelligence Agencies etc.

The first workshop in Islamabad was opened with comments from DG (CT/CE) NACTA who briefed about the role and function of NACTA and highlighted the importance of the subject training in the backdrop of FATF Action Plan. Mr. Zaman Mehdi, Director CT Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his opening remarks appreciated the international assistance in the capacity building of the LEAs with specific reference to CFT matters.

Mr. Arsalan Malik, UNODC then gave a short presentation on the “Strengthening the Response of Pakistan to Counter Terrorism Financing” funded by the Government of Japan and organized by NACTA.

There then followed a number of presentations from Mr. Simon Welch, UNODC Consultant, on International and National Frameworks for Countering Terrorist Financing, Understanding Terrorist Financing and Sources of Intelligence, Developing a Financial Intelligence Strategy, and Gathering Evidence & Conducting Financial Investigations.

The day culminated in a group exercise to reinforce the lessons learned, and short presentations from each of the respective groups formed.

The second day started with a presentation from Mr. Simon Welch on Identifying Potential Targets for Counter Terrorist Investigations. There followed further presentations on Surveillance, Searches, and Undercover Operations; and on Personal and Company Financial Profiles.

This was followed by two group exercises and the subsequent group presentations: the first facilitated by Mr. Welch on Terrorist Financing Investigation Strategies and Tactics; and the second by Mr. Khurram Rana from the FIA on Case Preparation in Terrorist Financing Investigations using a practical scenario based on Financial Intelligence received.

The second workshop, in Lahore was opened by Director CTF, NACTA, who explained the importance of Financial Investigations in Combating Terrorism in Pakistan and apprised the participants of NACTA’s recent initiatives.  The workshop followed the same format as the first in Islamabad over the next two days.

Both workshops encouraged diverse group discussions and NACTA and UNODC received a positive feedback from the participants on the contents presented to them.

The trainings were made possible with the financial support of the Government of Japan.

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