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July 13, 2018
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A National Cause- Together We Will Do It!

There are so many Laws in Pakistan like PEMRA Ordinance 2002, Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016, Anti-Terrorism Act 1997, NACTA Act, 2013 etc, which make images and content promoting extremism in any form, a crime!

Today, the penetration of internet and reach of social media stands at more than 35 million users in the country. With more than 20% internet growth registered per year, it is about time that we, the citizens of Pakistan, should join our voices and silent contributions to counter extremism on the internet and social media platforms.

About Sursafe®

Sursafe intends to achieve its vision and mission by building a platform for countrywide internet-community to report extremist content.

Surfsafe® is an online reporting portal for Pakistanis to report extremist online-content freely, securely and anonymously. Apart from the community, netizens and e-scouts, the academia, intelligentsia, NGOs / INGOs and independent consultants may also step forward and be part of this national cause of surface to achieve this mission of curbing terrorism and extremism sprawling through internet.

Be a part of Surfsafe

  • Create an e-Scout Profile

By creating an e-Scout Profile you can log-in and see your history of reported URLs, track your success in getting such content flagged as inappropriate and extremist and learn about the alerts and information.

  • Surfsafe® e-Scout Rewards
  1. You can participate in a national cause.
  2. You can win certificates, merit-badges and ranks from Surfsafe®.
  3. You can be invited to organize and participate in Surfsafe® Activities.
  4. You can be invited to become a ‘Content Analyzer’ and ‘Admin’ for Surfsafe®
  5. You can be invited for consultation with counter-terrorism authorities in Pakistan.
  6. You can win ‘Internships’ and ‘Research’ with counter-terrorism and law enforcement authorities.
  7. You can be a hero, in your friends, family, community and country.
  • How you can identify extremist content (URL)?

Extremist online-content can include:

  1. Any articles, images, speeches or videos that encourage hate or violence
  2. Any posts made on social media, chat rooms or blogs that encourage hate or violence
  3. Any content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism or violence
  4. Any websites created or hosted by terrorist organizations or extremists
  5. Any suspicious content regarding recruitment or financing of any terrorist organization
  6. Any videos or images of terrorist attacks that amplify or glorify these acts
  7. Any instructions on bomb-making, violent tactics or sale of dangerous chemicals
  • How you Report Content?

You can report freely, securely and anonymously. Just browse to web-site/ web-page/ web-domain or social media platform that displays extremist content, copy its URL (Address Bar), paste it into the URL Bar of the Surfsafe® Portal and click submit. You can report on-the-go by using your smartphones. Invite your friends to report as well but avoid sending multiple reports of the same URL or spamming as it will slow down the processing of your requests.

Your identity will remain anonymous. However, you will receive e-mail alerts when your content is flagged as inappropriate and extremist, only if you choose to share your e-mail with Surfsafe® and sign-up as a Surfsafe® e-Scout.

For more details, please click on the link given below:



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