International Cooperation (Agreements & MOUs)

NACTA’s Internal MIS
September 9, 2017

Islamabad, June 7, 2017: UK PM’s Special Envoy Mr. Clovis Baker and his team discussing counter-terrorism cooperation with NC NACTA Mr. Ihsan Ghani & NACTA Executives

1 Afghanistan (MOU)

12-07-2004: At Kabul

Conventional Agreement to fight against Terrorism and Organized Crimes
2 Azerbaijan, (Agreement),

08-07-2004: At Islamabad

Conventional Agreement to fight against Terrorism and Organized Crimes
3 Australia, (MOU),

05-06-2005: At Canberra

Convening of Meetings, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences Joint Training

·         Capacity Building

·         Specialized Training and Technical Assistance

·         Share best practices

·         Visits by Official Experts

·         Cooperation in fighting against Organized Crimes

4 ASEAN (Joint Declaration),


At Vientiane-Loa PDR

·         Strength and Capacity Building efforts through Training and Education Consultations between officials, analyses and field operators and Seminars and Conferences and other Joint efforts


·         Continue to explore cooperation with South East Asia Regional Centre for Counter Terrorism (SEARCCT) in Malaysia, the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), in Thailand and Jakarta Central Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC)

5 Brunei Darussalam, (MOU), 19‐05-2004: At Islamabad Capacity Building through Training and Education in exchange of knowledge and experience
6 China (Agreement), 05-04-2005, Islamabad, (Working Rules), 09-06-2009, At Beijing ·         Exchange of Intelligence and Information promote cooperation in the fields of Scientific Research, Technological Exchanges, Development and Improvement and Provision of necessary Technology in Material Assistance

·         Provide Police Training for Federal, Central and Local Law Enforcement Agencies of the Pakistani side

·         Strengthening cooperation on Capacity Building

7 Cambodia (MOU),

27-04‐2004 Phnom Penh

Conventional Agreement to fight against Terrorism and Organized


8 Hellenic-Republic, (Agreement)

12-05-2005: At Islamabad

·         Training and Education of Police officers

·         Information and experience sharing on the use of Forensic Technology

·         Border Controls, Material and Technical Support

9 Indonesia (MOU), 16-12-2003, Islamabad. (Letter of Intent) 11-2005, Islamabad ·         Intelligence and Information sharing

·         Capacity Building through networking and programs of training and education, exchange of visits of high officials and field operators

·         Seminar, Conference and etc

·          Establishment of joint working group

10 Lao PDR (MOU),

23-04-2004, Vientiane

Conventional agreement for prevention and separation of crimes
11 Libya, (Agreement),


·         Exchange of information about activities and crimes of terrorist groups / organisations in both countries, their organizational structures, leaders, members, networks, linkages, location, armaments / equipment, means of finance, supply, training, modus operandi and other pertinent matters
12 Philippine (MOU),

19-04-2005, Manila

·         Exchange cooperation between the security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

·         Strengthen capacity building and capabilities through networking and program of training and education, exchange of visits of high officials, analysts and field operators, seminars and conferences and joint operations

13 Russia, (MOU),

05-02-2003, Moscow

·         Exchange of expertise, consultations and seminars

·         Exchange of legislative and legal acts

·          Exchange on a mutual beneficial basis, scientific and technical literature

14 Sri Lanka, (Agreement),

13-09-2003, Islamabad

·         Training of police personals in the field of inter alia, counter terrorism, forensic science and modern investigation techniques

·         Developing affective police force

15 Singapore, (MOU),

10-05-2005, At Singapore

·         Capacity building through training and education

·         Exchange of knowledge and experience

16 Turkey, (Agreement),

20-01-2004, Ankara

·         Organizing joint meetings

·         Exchange of experts

·          Exchange of knowledge and experience in legislative and regulatory documents

17 Thailand, (MOU),

29-04-2004 Bangkok

·         Periodic consultation
18 Uzbekistan, (Agreement),

06-03-2005, Tashkent

·         Rendering technical assistance

·         Exchange of information and organizing study programs

19 Yemen, (Agreement),

06-12-2005, Sanna

·         Establishment of joint working group to strengthen the cooperation
20 Sudan, (Agreement),

18-05-2007, Islamabad

·         Exchange of visits for related security issues
21 UAE, (Agreement),

12-06-2007, Islamabad

·         Exchange of information to enhance the ability in the field of investigation

·         Advance techniques and methods related to equipments and systems used in the field work of police

·         Exchange of experience, experts, legal documents and any technical information

22 Kyrgyzstan(Agreement),

03-2005, Bishkek

·         Mutual assistance in training and improvement of professional skills, practical experience, legislative and executive orders, training literature on matters of activities of law enforcement bodies scientific and technical
23 Qatar, (Agreement),

02-2012, Doha

·         Establishment of joint working committee to chalk out the cooperation fields
24 Iran, (Agreement),

18-02-2013, Tehran, (MOU), 15-11-2001, at Tehran

·         Establishment of joint working groups

·         Exchange of experts, experience, training courses for experts joint scientific researches

·         Management and controlling of border

25 United Kingdom (MoU)


·         Security related matters, Counter Terrorism, exchange of information and capacity building. 

Source: Ministry of Interior (NISP 2014-18)

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