Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID)

Threat Alerts on Terrorism Incidents
September 8, 2017

NACTA Act 2013, Section 4 (a) mandates the Authority to receive, collate and disseminate intelligence and coordinate between all relevant stakeholders to formulate threat assessments. Section 47 of the National Internal Security Policy 2014-2018 spelled out the need for establishment of Directorate of Internal Security (DIS) under NACTA where thirty three civilian and military intelligence and operational agencies are represented, having clear articulation of command and control by integrating all grids of tactical, operational and strategic intelligence, civil and military, under one roof.

In this context, a Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID) is being established under the National Coordinator, NACTA, at it’s headquarter. The recruitment process of support staff, drawing from ex-Intelligence Officers, for establishing JID has been completed through a competitive and seamless process. The names of the Officers on deputation from the thirty-three Civilian, Paramilitary and Military Intelligence & Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have been finalized.  A purpose made state-of-the-art building of JID is being established in Sector G-7 Islamabad. JID was predicated on idea of intelligence fusion, analysis and assessing future trends. JID was conceived with a vision to establish professionally dedicated, operationally focused, technologically competent and highly adaptive national fusion setup “Intelligence Collection and Fusion Center (ICFC)” which will be capable of delivering timely and relevant intelligence product based on input from various agencies and departments. JID’s goals is to manage and pool effective intelligence works undertaken by both civilian and military intelligence agencies of the country, and has aims to increase intelligence sharing with the Police Departments, Provincial & Federal LEAs.

When fully operational by the 1st Quarter of 2018, total strength of JID will be around 400, with 30+ desks of all LEAs and Intelligence Agencies under one roof- the ICFC.

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