Meeting of NPOs Regulators on Terrorist Financing

Public Message
August 20, 2018
Provincial Threat Assessment Training for CTD KP Police
October 10, 2018

A meeting of the federal and provincial departments dealing with the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) in the country was convened in NACTA Headquarters Islamabad under the chairmanship of Member (CT) NACTA. The representative from Federal Investigation Authority, Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue, Provincial Social Welfare Departments, Provincial   Industries Departments, Social Welfare Department ICT and Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy attended the session.

In the opening remarks, Member (CT), NACTA welcomed the participants and drew their attention towards FATF recommendations and the necessity for their implementation to protect the NPO sector from any terrorist financing abuse.

The session was divided into two parts: the first part was on orientation of the stakeholders regarding FATF Recommendations No. 1& 8 which requires adoption of Risk Based Approach with respect to the NPO sector. Director General (CFT) and Mr. Muhammad Waseem from SECP made detailed presentations in this regard. Director General (CFT) spoke on the salient features of FATF recommendation No.8 and its applicability, the FATF definition of NPOs and how NPOs may be protected from the abuse of terrorist financing.  Mr Muhammad Waseem made presentation on AML/CFT Guidelines for NPOs and highlighted vulnerabilities of the sector to be focused in the light of international best practices.

The second part of the meeting related to the progress of each federal and provincial department on the monitoring of NPOs with a view to combat terrorist financing and the way forward for the purpose. A course of action to reinforce the CFT measures in the federal and provincial departments was discussed and decisions made in this regard. The meeting ended with a vote of tanks by the chair.

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