NACTA holds meeting of its National Task Force on CTF
October 25, 2018
2nd Provincial Threat Assessment Training for CTD KP
November 9, 2018

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by National Coordinator, NACTA and Lt. General (Rtd.) Mr. Muhammad Asghar, Executive Director of Higher Education Commission here today i.e. Thursday the 25th October 2018, during a small and graceful event at H.E.C. Head office, Islamabad.

The purpose and scope of the MoU is to foster partnership between NACTA and HEC to establish a sustained and effective collaboration and partnership between the two in combating extremism and terrorism in the country through joint research and collaboration as well as consolidating existing research work in the areas of counter extremism and counter terrorism. This will help in promoting research culture in public sector as well as improving policy making process.

Another main objective of the MoU is to enhance awareness / prevention against extremist ideologies and mindset and to provide education on the topics of counter extremism and counter terrorism through participatory approach of the HEC and to increase awareness programs through the support of HEC.


1.    Joint Research Collaboration: NACTA will provide the basic themes and sub-topics and HEC will undertake the research though its affiliated universities;

2.    Consolidating Existing Research: Both the Parties will take measures to consolidate research work in the areas of counter extremism and terrorism.

3.    Awareness Activities amongst Students: Both the Parties with mutual collaboration and support will undertake awareness programs and activities for the students in the areas of counter extremism, de-radicalization and counter terrorism through seminars, workshops, essay competition, debates, sports events, dramas, cultural activities and social media etc. The FM radio channels of the universities will also be utilized for the purpose.

4.    Teachers’ Sensitization: Both the Parties with mutual cooperation will undertake workshops, seminars, discussions and other sensitization for teachers.

5.    Review of Existing Curriculum: Both the Parties will take steps to review the existing curriculum and make recommendations for its improvement to counter extremism, hate material, radicalization and terrorism.

6.    Madrassah Students:  Both the parties will find ways and means to bring madrassah and university students closer for fight against extremism and terrorism. Academic, sports and extra-curricular activities will be chalked out for the purpose.

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