NACTA – British High Commission Jointly Organized Symposium on CTF

Joint Investigator-Prosecutor Workshops on CTF
February 20, 2019
Mock Investigation and Trial of Terrorism Financing and Related Serious Offences
March 14, 2019

A Symposium on Counter Terrorism Financing was organized jointly by National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), Pakistan and the British High Commission here today at a local hotel in Islamabad on 8th March, 2019.  The event was attended by subject specialists from the Federal and Provincial departments including FIA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FBR, ANF, SBP, FMU, SECP, provincial CTDs, prosecution departments, intelligence agencies, etc.

In his opening remarks, Director General (Coordination), NACTA thanked British High Commission for joining hands to curb the menace of terrorist financing used to commit such heinous crimes against humanity. He also reiterated NACTA’s commitment of rooting out terrorism from the country within its mandate.

Mr. Rowan Newman of UK National Crime Agency on behalf of the British High Commission, Islamabad appreciated NACTA for bringing representatives from different provinces and government organizations under one platform to apprise them of the techniques of terrorist financing investigations and the best practices for coordination amongst various counter-terrorism agencies to combat terrorist financing.

Giving an overview of Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Financing Policy and Institutional Framework, Director General (CFT), NACTA elaborated the various policy and institutional measures undertaken by Pakistan to combat terrorist financing. These measures include criminalizing terrorist financing under ATA, the National Action Plan, the National Task Force on CFT, the enhanced inter-agency coordination and the various policies, guidelines and SOPs issued by NACTA to help LEAs to effectively investigate terrorist financing cases in the country.

Mr. Shaun McLeary, a UK expert, provided touched upon UK approach towards combating terrorist financing, reactive parallel financial investigations in terrorism cases, terrorism financing typologies, etc. in his various sessions during the day.

Mr. Ahmad Farooq, Director General (CT) Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a detailed presentation on the implementation of sanctions regime under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267 and the various steps which ought to be taken by the relevant authorities for freezing and other measures related to UN listed entities and persons. He also broadly covered the recently issued United Nation Security Council (Freezing & Seizure) Order, 2019 by MOFA.

The day-long symposium ended on an extensive question and answer session and vote of thanks by both the co-hosts i.e. NACTA and the British High Commission, Islamabad.


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