NACTA’s Android-iOS App (CHAUKAS)

The Surfsafe Portal
September 3, 2018
NACTA holds meeting of its National Task Force on CTF
October 25, 2018

As a part of its ongoing Tat’heer Drive (Cyber Counter terrorism Initiative of NACTA), NACTA has developed Android-iOS App (CHAUKAS) for the citizens of Pakistan. This App is available on the respective Play-stores (Google & Apple). CHAUKAS app enables the citizens to report anonymously and securely about extremist content, speeches, banners, activities wherever they notice it- in their areas and also on the internet. The data and information received will be shared with Police, FIA & other law-enforcement and regulatory authorities in Pakistan. Surfsafe Portal ( has already been inaugurated and available to the citizens. These measures will not only reinforce the Counter terrorism effort under-way in the Country but will also connect the citizens with this drive, while keeping their identities secure.

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