NACTA Organizes Multilateral MoU amongst LEAs, Intelligence Agencies and FMU

Multi-Agency Workshops for Regulators and Law Enforcement Officials on CFT
April 2, 2019
National Conference on Promoting Public-Private Partnership in CFT
April 10, 2019

NACTA has organized a Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) amongst 14 Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) which included NAB, FIA, FBR, FMU, ANF, Intelligence Agencies and all the Provincial CTDs. The signing ceremony of the MoU was chaired by National Coordinator NACTA during the 14th meeting of National Task Force on CFT held on 09th April, 2019 at NACTA Headquarters, Islamabad.

The main objectives of the MoU are to enhance inter-agency cooperation, coordination and exchange of information to facilitate timely and effective detection, analysis and probe of cases, transactions and activities relating to money laundering, terrorist financing and predicate offences. The MoU will facilitate the sharing of financial intelligence amongst FMU, LEAs and Intelligence Agencies.

The National Coordinator while speaking on the occasion emphasized upon the LEAs to investigate all predicate crimes from TF perspective. He highlighted LEAs to seek guidance from SOPs issued by NACTA and underscored the need for LEAs to internally develop their SOPs, to mitigate the risk of terrorist financing.

The MoU will further facilitate and enhance inter-agency coordination already in place in the form of institutional operational mechanism through National Task Force on CFT and the newly established JITs in terrorist financing cases.

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