NACTA’s Evolution

NACTA’s Mandate
July 20, 2017

Islamabad, October 2, 2017: Minister Interior, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal chairs a meeting of NACTA Executives at the Ministry of Interior

Administrative & Legal:

NACTA was created, in 2009, as an Administrative Wing within the Ministry of Interior, under a National Coordinator, controlled administratively by the Secretary Interior Division, Ministry of Interior. All the postings/ transfers within NACTA were made by the Interior Division. However, in 2013, the Authority was granted administrative and financial autonomy and was created legally as a body corporate, answerable to a Board of Governors (BOG) headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan with the National Coordinator (NACTA) as Secretary to the BOG. The BOG was to provide strategic vision and policy oversight to NACTA. The Members of the NACTA’s BOG, under NACTA Act 2013, are as under:-

  • Minister for Interior
  • Chief Ministers of Provinces
  • Chief Ministers of Gilgit Baltistan (GB)
  • Minister for Law & Justice
  • Minister for Finance
  • Minister for Defence
  • Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK)
  • One Senator (recommended by Chairman Senate)
  • One MNA (recommended by Speaker National Assembly)
  • Secretary Ministry of Interior
  • Director General ISI
  • Director General IB
  • Director General MI
  • Director General FIA
  • Chief Secretaries of Provinces, GB & AJK
  • Inspector General of Provinces, GB & AJK

Under the Act, Minister for Interior was envisaged as Head of the Executive Committee, to assist the BOG.

The Main Headquarters:

NACTA was initially housed in a residential accommodation in F-8 Islamabad. Then in May, 2014 it was shifted to ‘S’ block from the rented building in F-8. With the continuing evolution and expansion taking place after the promulgation of NACTA Act 2013, it was shifted to National Police Bureau (NPB) Building, in November 2015, with operations wing continued to work in the Secretariat space. Scarcity of space led the Authority to acquire additional space in NTC Building, Islamabad, on a rent-basis, in July 2016 for its newly created Wings- Legal, JID, Research & IT. The space is still insufficient to house all wings and units of NACTA in an adequate manner. Presently Pakistan Manpower Institute (PMI) Building G-7, allotted by the Prime Minister and Capitol Hotel Building are being renovated for purpose-made Headquarters of NACTA and its Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID) respectively, which on completion, expected by March 2018, will serve as permanent NACTA HQrs.

Staffing & Recruitment:

Concomitantly, organizing and staffing of the Authority is under-way, against its sanctioned strength of 224 Officers (BS 17-22) and 617 Officials (BS 1-16), through a transparent mechanism on deputation, hiring and recruitment.

The JID Wing:

Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID) is being established within NACTA to collect, collate, analyse and share intelligence from civilian and military intelligence agencies and develop a threat matrix based on high-grade intelligence under one roof. JID will serve as a coordinating platform for information exchange with a view to achieving common objectives of countering terrorism and violent extremism.

Full Operationalization:

The new NACTA Headquarters and the JID will be fully operational and functional by the close of 1st quarter of Calendar year 2018.

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