NACTA’s ToT Sessions with LEAs on TF Risks in NRA, 2019

Obtaining Electronic Evidence from Private Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in Counter-Terrorism and related Organized Crime Cross-Border Investigations
July 1, 2019
November 12, 2019

NACTA in collaboration with provincial CTDs has planned to organize various interactive Training of Trainers (ToT) sessions with the LEAs to ensure deeper understanding of the TF risks in light of the recently conducted National Risk Assessment-2019 including incoming and outgoing transnational TF threats.

In this regard, 1ST session was held on 16th October, 2019 at CTD HQ Peshawar. Attended by 43 participates including the regional heads of the provincial CTDs along with the regional representatives of the FBR-Customs, FBR-IR, Intelligence Agencies and other LEAs also. Director (LEAs) explained the concept of the National Risk Assessment, its brief background and the sources of TF duly identified in the assessments, channels used, and the entities involved in terrorism financing. Further, detailed discussions were also held on potential transnational TF threats (incoming & outgoing) and threats related to entities of concern alongwith risk mitigation measures. He also discussed how to find out the possible emerging sources and channels/new methodologies/techniques being used in TF for proactive measure to counter the TF.  The participants, as trained will conduct training session in their respective organizations to disseminate understanding of the subject issues in the light of the FATF Action Plan.

The 2nd session was held on 18th October, 2019 at NACTA HQ Islamabad. The session was chaired by Director General (M&E) NACTA. He welcomed the participants and apprised them about the FATF Action Plan and the areas of responsibilities to be addressed by various stakeholders. Director (CFT) NACTA gave a detailed presentation regarding the National TF Risk Assessment 2019. The session was attended by officers from Police Department of GB, AJK & ICT, ANF, NAB and Intelligence Agencies. In total 19 officers attended the meeting from various stakeholders. Detailed presentation included discussion on emerging TF Threats (sources + channels), Entities of Concern, transnational TF threats and risk-based measures to be adopted by LEAs.

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