National Counter Terrorism Database

Terrorism Decline in Pakistan
September 9, 2017
NACTA’s Internal MIS
September 9, 2017

A National Database of Terrorists (under-trial prisoners, convicts, killed, fugitives/ wanted and proscribed persons) along with a database of terrorist incidents, terror-alerts, Madaris Masajid is being developed by NACTA. It shall be called the National Counter Terrorism Database (NCTD). It will be continuously updated by Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies and will be ultimately linked to NADRA’s VERISYS and FIA’s IBMS Systems.

Latest terrorist data including updated position on RED BOOKS (Most Wanted Terrorists) have been obtained from all provinces, AJ&K, GB, FIA’s CT Wing and the security agencies. NACTA in coordination with NADRA is processing to finalize standardized information sheet which will be shared with all Provinces to have a unified format. Database will be established at NACTA with access to all Provinces and other relevant agencies. Real time national database would be ultimately available to all law enforcement agencies. NACTA has established Virtual Private Network (VPN) /Intranet between NACTA and NADRA and has initiated uploading data/entries of the terrorists.

Formulation of a dynamic terrorist profile data-bank  containing detailed profiles of individuals accused and convicted of acts of terrorism and extremism will enable NACTA to assess the economic, social, environmental, psychological, ideological, revenge based reasons behind acts of terrorism. It will be an authentic profiling with an aim to make incisive and evidence-based interventions in relation to the National Counter Extremism Policy formulated by NACTA.


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