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August 23, 2017
National CE Policy Guidlines
August 23, 2017


NACTA vide section 4 of NACTA Act 2013 and National Internal Security Policy (2014-18) is mandated to frame a National Narrative to counter extremism.


National Internal Security Policy (NISP 2014-18) states that constructing a robust national narrative on extremism, sectarianism, terrorism and militancy is the corner stone of ideological response to non-traditional threats. Such a narrative is essential for coming up with, ideological denominators in a diverse society.

Formulation Model:

NACTA adopted following formulation model;

  • Multi-disciplinary stakeholders and experts were invited in relevant fields and in accordance with themes. They were assigned themes in area of their lifelong expertise and knowledge to deliberate upon.
  • Small groups and cross functional groups were structured for a series of round table discussions.
  • A National narrative Workshop was held from 14-15 January, 2017 for developing guidelines to formulate a policy document.

NACTA held a workshop on development of National Narrative on 14th-15th January, 2017 at Bahria University Islamabad campus and invited Religious scholar, intelligentsia, educational institutions, media and other key stakeholders including Senators, Constitutional law experts, retired civil servants, academicians, economists, social scientists, member of civil society, serving public servants etc. for constructing and disseminating the National Narrative.

Thematic Scheme:

The National Narrative Workshop participants worked on the eight themes according to their expertise as under:

  1. Encountering the mis-constructed religious belief and creating interfaith harmony and tolerance;
  2. Politics and Political Systems
  3. Implementation of law and establishing the writ of the state;
  4. Trust development amongst state institution;
  5. Socio-cultural values and customs;
  6. Regular and Social Media;
  7. Economic Policies and review by National Development/Political Economists;
  8. Reconciliation with extremists and their Rehabilitation (National reforms and Reconciliation)


The essence of the recommendations of these thematic groups is given as under;

  1. The experts deliberated upon the assigned areas and developed guidelines covering broader perspective to be included in the National Narrative in the workshop, which is expected to provide policy input to the State and society for decades to come.
  2. Experts groups came up with consensus recommendations after deliberating on the critical issues which play major role in fueling extremism and terrorism in the country.

Implementation Framework:

NACTA consolidated the work of experts as per recommendations and Federal Experts Committee reviewed these recommendations and NACTA prepared National Narrative document along with strategies, action plan, activities, budget and operational liabilities. NACTA has submitted this document to the Government in July 2017 for its approval/implementation.


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