Terrorism Decline in Pakistan
September 9, 2017

Operations Wing of NACTA is a very important organ of the Authority. It operates vide section 4 (a) of NACTA Act, 2013, which states, “to receive and collate data or information or intelligence, and disseminate and coordinate between all relevant stakeholders”. To carry out the purpose of this wing, a control room is also established, which is active and operational 24/7.

The Wing is headed by a Director General supported by one Director and other supporting staff.

The job description/mandate of the wing is as under:

  1. Operation of Control Room 24/7
  2. Receiving of security intelligence from Intelligence agencies
  3. Dissemination of preemptive Threat Alerts to LEAs
  4. Issuance of Information Reports
  5. Operation of National CT Help Line – 1717
  6. Maintenance of Media Desk
  7. Collation of Data on Terrorism
  8. Preparation and dissemination of DSRs

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