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March 19, 2020

Outreach Branch

After the launch of National Action Plan (NAP) in 2014, Pakistan initiated effective kinetic measures to fight terrorism. These measures have borne fruit by drastically reducing the number of terrorist attacks and incidents. Today, terrorists have lost their ground to the law enforcement agencies and armed forces of Pakistan.

However, this success in the kinetic domain needed to be supplemented with a national program aimed at promoting peace and tolerance to defeat the forces of extremism, hatred, and intolerance.

With these objectives in mind, NACTA’s Outreach (OR) Branch was established to take, project and promote initiatives for countering terrorism and extremism.


“Creating a peaceful, tolerant and secure society, and professionally capable and effective law enforcement institutions.”


  1. To collaborate with key stakeholders, and experts to:
  • create a pool of ideas and strategies
  • promote peace and tolerance
  • reduce conflict and violence in society
  1. To take, project and promote NACTA’s initiatives taken to achieve its mandate


While pursuing its mission, OR branch seeks to uphold the core values of national unity, respect for diversity, protection of rights, tolerance, integrity, professionalism, engagement and collaboration.

Engagement Policy

The OR branch seeks to voluntarily engage youth and intelligentsia, artists and literati, scholars and students, community leaders, researchers, and everyone else on a non-profit basis.

Write to Us

We need your ideas. Write to us if you have ideas that can support our vision and mission. You can reach us at or

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