March 19, 2020

Since the launch of National Action Plan (NAP) in 2014, Pakistan has initiated very effective kinetic measures to fight terrorism. These measures have borne fruit reducing drastically the number of attacks, deaths and injuries. Today, the terrorists have lost their ground to the brave law enforcement and armed forces of this country.

However, this success in the kinetic domain needs to be supplemented with a full-scale national program aimed at promoting peace and tolerance to defeat the forces of extremism, hatred, and intolerance. There is also a need to enhance capacity of law enforcement agencies and other institutions focused on countering terrorism and extremism on a long-term and sustainable basis.

It is with these objectives in mind that NACTA’s Outreach and Capacity Building Wing (OCBW) has been set up and launched. The OCBW also seeks to project and promote the initiatives that NACTA has taken to achieve its Statutory mandate of countering terrorism and extremism.







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