Initiatives & Collaborations
September 6, 2017

Research branch of NACTA is responsible for carrying out research on counter-violent extremism and counter-terrorism issues.  The wing is headed by a Director General supported by two Directors who deal with Research Management & Policy and Data Analysis, respectively. The directors are assisted by Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors.

NACTA Act No. XIX of 2013, Section 4 (d) specifically mandates the authority to “carry out research on topics relevant to terrorism and extremism and to prepare and circulate documents”.

The main functions of Research branch are:

  • To provide evidence based guidance through research activities
  • To identify research areas
  • To evaluate technical and financial aspects of research proposals
  • To monitor and evaluate research projects
  • To prepare ToRs/contract agreements with qualified researchers/research firms
  • To develop liaison with national and international research organizations and with think tanks in order to develop realistic and viable policy options for combating extremism and terrorism at all levels.



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