Threat Alerts on Terrorism Incidents

Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID)
September 8, 2017

Threat Alerts are standardized emergency warning systems for describing and disseminating information (advance intelligence) about terrorism-related incidents, based on human and technical intelligence, issued to local administrations and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to mitigate the situation. These alerts may also provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits. Different countries issue threat alerts in different ways and at different levels and the systems have been standardized after the incident of 9/11. Threat alerts may of any kind, including terrorists attack, cyber-attacks, safety alerts to travelers etc.

After enactment of NACTA Act,section 4 (a) initiated the function of issuing threat alerts after collating information received from different intelligence agencies. The erstwhile National Crisis Management Center (NCMC) was disbanded and its staff absorbed into the Operations Wing of NACTA and a system of disseminating alerts nationwide was put in place through a strategic coordination with premiere Intelligence Agencies. Since the setting up of NACTA’s Operations Wing (2014), the authority has disseminated at-least  3130 Threat Alerts and Information Reports for guiding pro-active measures by the Provincial Governments and the Law Enforcement Agencies.

NACTA, ever since has been able to predict ’80’ terrorist attacks, out of which 24 were predicted with a very high degree of accuracy and precision (target place, suspected perpetrators, modus operand i etc.) and 56 were city-specific. Some of the major terrorist-attacks predicted with high precision are:

STerrorism IncidentDate of IncidentRef. No. of AlertDate of Alert
1Suicide attack on St. John’s Church Peshawar22-09-2013893/1312-09-2013
2VBIED Attack in Qissa Khawani Bazar, Peshawar29-09-2013902/1317-09-2013
3IED Explosion at Razmak Gate, Bannu18-01-2014910/1319-09-2013
4Three consecutive explosions at Shama Cinema, Peshawar11-02-201421/1407-01-2014
5Suicide Attack on Local Courts, Shabqadar, Charsadda07-03-2014604/1414-12-2014
6Attach of Shia Zaireen at Taftan08-06-2014419/14
7Attack on Terminal-1, Old Airport Karachi09-06-2014105/1429-01-2014
8Attack on Wahga Border Flag Ceremony, Lahore02-11-2014495, 909,





9Attack on Army Public School (APS), Peshawar16-12-2014802/1428-08-2014
10Suicide Attack on Youhanabad, Lahore Churches15-03-201520/15 and 27/1506-01-2015


NACTA also disseminates, Information Reports regarding activities of suspected terrorists/ proscribed entities and other matters of security concern. Since year 2014 till date 4700 Information Reports have been prepared and disseminated for guiding pro-active measures by the Provincial Governments and the Law Enforcement Agencies.

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