Counter Terrorism (CT) Branch of NACTA is pivotal to the core functions of the Authority. It is headed by a Director General. Following are the functions of the CT Branch:

  1. Development of CT policies, strategies, action plans and guidelines in the light of international best practices, and evidence-based research.
  2. Review of periodically existing CT policies and strategies in the light of feedback from the stakeholders and then suggest policy inputs.
  3. Formulation of implementation plan and KPIs for realization of the objectives of National Action Plan (NAP) related to CT.
  4. Preparation of policy reviews on bi-annual and annual basis.
  5. Maintenance of databases of proscribed individuals and organizations in coordination with all stakeholders on real-time basis.
  6. Preparation of policy papers on different issues in the domain of CT in coordination with other wings of NACTA.
  7. To work closely on policy issues with other departments, think tanks, partners, affiliate organization and CT experts.
  8. To assist in steering and implementing interagency and agency-specific projects related to CT.
  9. To liaise with international entities to strengthen cooperation in CT areas.