List of Proscribed Persons

Any individual about whom either there is a credible intelligence-information or who has a history of being linked to a Proscribed Organization can be proscribed by Home Department of a Province and can be subjected to restrictions on travel, speech and business, under the Anti Terrorism Act, 1997. After issuance notification by the Home Department, name of such proscribed person is included in the 4th Schedule under the Anti Terrorism Act, 1997. Therefore, such proscribed persons are also referred to in local Police/ LEAs parlance as 4th Schedulers.

NACTA is not directly involved in the process of proscription of an individual. However, in pursuance of National Action Plan, 2014, NACTA reviewed the lists of 4th schedulers of all Provinces and found flaws in their profiling. NACTA after removing such anomalies and standardizing the profiling process has followed up by implementing additional limitations on the proscribed persons, in coordination with the Federal Ministries. Actions taken in this regard are reflected below:

Sr. Embargo/ Restriction Action by NACTA
1. Passport Embargo List of 4th Schedulers shared with the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports to keep check on issuance and renewal of passports.
2. Freezing of Bank Accounts. List of 4th Schedulers shared with State Bank of Pakistan for monitoring & freezing of their bank accounts.
Total 4th Schedulers as of 30-06-2021 2,697
No. of Bank Accounts Frozen as of 30-06-2021 reported by SBP 5,489
Total Amount Frozen as of 30-06-2021 reported by SBP 169.55 (Million)
3. Ban on Financial Support, Loan and Credit card List of 4th Schedulers shared with State Bank of Pakistan for ban on loans and credit cards.
4. Arms License Embargo NACTA conveyed Ministry of Interior regarding action on Arms License restriction on 4th Schedulers.
5. Granting clearance for recruitment through monitoring. List of 4th Schedulers shared with Intelligence Agencies to keep watch on recruitment in various Federal/Provincial Governments/ Agencies.

Figures: CT Wing NACTA (04-03-2022)

As a result of actions taken by NACTA to monitor the proscribed persons on a national level, following have been achieved:

  1. Rationalization of lists of individuals on 4th Schedule of ATA, 1997 by concerned provincial governments.
  2. Implementation of international and domestic legal obligations regarding asset freezing of proscribed organizations and persons
  3. Institutionalizing of mechanism for legal / pecuniary action against individuals on 4th Schedule.