Communications and Outreach

Since its creation in 2008, NACTA has been instrumental in informing national policies on countering terrorism as well as extremism and has played a key role in helping build state capacity to ensure a coordinated response to these challenges. To consolidate the gains of kinetic measures, it is imperative   to maintain and strengthen societal consensus against extremism and mobilize social forces that espouse a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan. In this regard, a dedicated Outreach and Communications branch was established in March 2020, with the aim to better inform and engage the stakeholders on various initiatives undertaken at NACTA and strengthen the societal consensus against extremism.  Since its inception the branch has been working to engage various segments of the society and highlight CT/CE initiatives being taken at NACTA in line with the overarching policies formulated by the government, including the National Security Policy (2022), National Internal Security Policy (2014 & 2018 & 2018-2022) and the Countering Violent Extremism Policy Guidelines.


The branch is mandated to:

“Design and implement NACTA’s outreach strategy and reach out to key stakeholders, think tanks, civil society organizations, NGOs, institutions of learning and experts to build partnerships in promoting peace and tolerance”


The Communications & Outreach branch seeks to voluntarily engage youth and intelligentsia, artists and literati, scholars and students, community leaders, researchers, and everyone else on a non-profit basis.


  1. Community Engagement 
    • Electronic and social media campaigns
    • Targeted SMS campaigns
    • Radio Programs
    • Inter faith harmony activities
    • Display of peace messages
  2. Youth Engagement
    • Awareness session in universities
    • Poster competitions
    • Essay writing competition
    • Photo contests
    • Wall paintings
    • Short film contests
    • Slogan writing
  3. Stakeholders Engagement
    • Awareness sessions for stakeholders including legislators, policy makers, law enforcement agencies and experts


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