Follow this section for List (Database) of Safe/Credible Non Government Organizations (NGOs) / Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) in Pakistan.

Philanthropy in Pakistan is universal and high. A study titled ‘The state of Individual Philanthropy in Pakistan, 2016’, based on a sample survey of 10,000 households, estimated the value of annual giving at Rs. 240 bn (in 2014) with Zakat contributing merely 11%. These giving numbers which identify religion and compassion (rather than faith) as the main driver of donations, include monetary donations, monetized value of in-kind donations and time of volunteers. While the volume of philanthropy is high, so is the growth of NGOs/ NPOs and humanitarian aid organizations. In the absence of a national List of Safe/Credible NGOs/NPOs or a negative-list of Unsafe / Not Credible NGOs/NPOs, there is a likelihood that a percentage of this giving is diverted to extremist or terrorist organizations.

In view of the foregoing and with a mandate to devise strategy and national guidelines to countering terrorism finance, NACTA has entered into a partnership with Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP). PCP is a non-profit organization registered in 2001 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It is an independent certification agency with a mandate from Government of Pakistan to evaluate and certify the performance of NPOs. The MoU between Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and PCP provides the details of this working relationship. PCP evaluates NPOs against FBR approved certification standards. The overall mission is to increase the volume and effectiveness of indigenous philanthropy for social development in Pakistan.

NACTA recommends that Provincial & Local Governments should make use of the “List (Database) of PCP Certified NGOs/NPOs”.

To view the complete list (sector and district-wise) or search the name of an individual NPO/ NGO, please click the link below:

Islamabad: November 9, 2017, NACTA Collaborates with PCP for Safe Charity List in Pakistan for the guidance of Provincial Governments, Local Administrations, Philanthropists & Citizens