Research and Development Branch in NACTA was established within NACTA to counter terrorism and extremism through knowledge, critical thinking based on factual information and evidence-based research. Terrorism has proven to be a formidable foe that the world has not have been able to eliminate despite rigorous efforts across the globe. However, we have, at least, understood major facets of it that can help mitigate its spread within society. One defining characteristic of this phenomenon is that it often, if not always, results from a flawed ideology which may relate to religion, race, sect, or any other aspect of human life. Thus, it is imperative that to effectively counter terrorism and extremism, we must understand the underlying ideologies, their origin and why they resonate with some people. Terrorism and extremism also stem from a number of social, cultural, economic and political reasons. It is therefore necessary to thoroughly examine and understand these dynamics. This understanding is only possible through the help of consistent research which can be used to customize our strategies and policies as effective counter terrorism/extremism tools. Research & Development Branch is pursuing this goal through rigorous research.



R&D works under the Section 4(d) of NACTA Act, 2013 which specifically mandates the authority:

“To carry out research on topics relevant to terrorism and extremism and to prepare and circulate documents”.