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September 6, 2017
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September 6, 2017

NACTA’s Annual Report 2016


Pakistan has experienced the wave of terrorism for more than a decade for which the nation has borne a huge cost in human and economic terms. The menace of terrorism afflicting Pakistan cannot be attributed to a single cause. A host of internal and external factors led to the spate of terrorism. Initially, the state machinery found itself unprepared to respond to the daunting challenge of countering the terrorism in a coordinated manner and till 2013, the state response towards the evil machinations of the terrorists remained largely reactive and sporadic. In order to address the root causes of terrorism and extremism in a holistic manner, the National Counter Terrorism Authority was established and mandated under section 4 of the NACTA Act 2013 to act as national central nervous system for policy making in countering extremism and terrorism in the country.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan heads the Board of Governors (BoG) of the Authority vide Section 5 of the Act of 2013. This BoG forms the strategic and financial steering body for NACTA, iterating the significance of the institution.

NACTA has been actively working in cooperation with intelligence and law enforcement agencies to devise policies for countering terrorism and extremism. Work is being done on development of a national narrative (counter narrative against extremism and terrorism). Related areas of de-radicalization, rehabilitation, terror financing and madrassah education are the subjects under a focused study by NACTA’s Counter Extremism and Research & Policy Wings. Laws and rules related to counter-terrorism are being scrutinized in the Legal wing of NACTA and recommendations are put forth to Minsitry of Interior for approval and subsequent adoption by the Parliament. The CS&ICT Wing has geared NACTA towards use of IT tools for better outreach and management. NACTA is rapidly evolving into a vibrant organization determined to play its role in weaving the fabric of Pakistan into a stable and progressive multi-cultural society.


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