18th Meeting of TF Sub-Committee

October 8, 2020
AML/CFT Course in Islamabad for LEAs
March 6, 2024

The 18th TF Sub-Committee Meeting on Ensuring Sustainability of Countering Terror Financing (CFT) Actions by all Agencies was held at NACTA Headquarters on 10th January, 2024. The meeting was Chaired by Mr. Muhammad Tahir Rai, HSt, SI, PSP National Coordinator, NACTA and was attended by high ranking officers of LEAs, Intelligence Agencies and other stakeholders. During the meeting, the National Coordinator highlighted the importance of implementing an effective CFT regime and how it could benefit Pakistan in rooting out terrorism in the longer run. He also explained the pivotal role internal security can play towards bringing economic prosperity in Pakistan. While acknowledging the hard work put-in by the Agencies to successfully steer Pakistan out of grey-list, the Chair stressed upon the sustainability of efforts needed on the part of stakeholders to ensure that Pakistan continues to fulfil its international CFT obligations. He also assured all the participants that NACTA will continue to support all the agencies in terms of capacity building and guidance. The opening remarks were followed by a brief presentation by the Mr. Muhammad Tahir, Director General CFT, NACTA.

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