February 21, 2022
NACTA held National Vice Chancellors’ Peace Conference
March 6, 2024

Communication & Outreach Branch, NACTA held a national photo contest, 2023. A National Photo Contest 2023 was reannounced by NACTA in December 2023, where original pictures were solicited on the theme “Tolerant and Inclusive Pakistan” to promote the narrative of Peace, Tolerance and Resilience Building. 60 entries were received in response to the contest.

List of Winners

Sr. No Image Name Position
1. Manoj Kumar 1st
2. Shahzad Ali 2nd
3. Summaya Ajaz 3rd


List of Best Entries

Sr. No Image Name Position
1. Mishaal Tariq Best Entry
2. Laraib Khan Best Entry
3.  Agha Siraj Best Entry
4. Shahzad Ali Best Entry
5. Amina Sadiq Best Entry

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