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December 17, 2019
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March 9, 2020

NACTA Annual Report (2018) Summery:

Like the last five years since the formal launching of NACTA, the year 2018 was eventful as well as challenging with respect to the security landscape of Pakistan. However,the year 2018 saw a steady decline in terror-related activities as compared to the last two years.

NACTA, though still short of human resources, has taken new and far reaching initiatives which are expected to develop into full-fledged programs. These initiatives shall be contributing towards a safer and secure Pakistan. NACTA has taken a holistic approach in dealing with the issues of extremism and terrorism by adopting long-term sustainable measures in order to win the war against terrorism. In this regard, two very vital policy documents were developed during 2018. These are National Counter Extremism Policy Guidelines (NCEPG) and the National Narrative.

NACTA’s counter terrorism efforts have been instrumental in documenting and implementing the legislative measures pertaining to proscribed organizations and monitoring of persons on schedule IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997. With regard to Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT), NACTA has established a national level Task Force for coordinating efforts of all stakeholders for choking terrorism financing and for streamlining compliance of international regimes such as Financial Action Task Force (FATF). In the light of NACTA’s recommendations, the provincial Counter Terrorism Departments (CTDs) have established Counter Terrorism Financing Units (CFTUs) to strengthen financial aspects of terrorism-related investigations.

Youth engagement in countering extremism has been made a priority at NACTA. A youth conference was organized in July 2018 to enlighten the youth who are one of the most vulnerable sections of the society with regard to extremism and terrorism. NACTA has also become a partner of Higher Education Commission through a Letter of Intent for conducting and coordinating research on terrorism and extremism as well as for engaging the young students and their teachers through various awareness activities.

NACTA also organized an International Counter Terrorism Forum in April 2018 which highlighted the issues related to terrorism. Discussions were held on various themes which provided the participants with policy directions for countering terrorism, extremism and urged for learning, sharing and cooperation for a global and regional peace.

NACTA has also developed a comprehensive mechanism to monitor the progress on 20-point National Action Plan through regular coordination with various stakeholders by gathering and reviewing the real time data. It is believed that the initiatives taken by NACTA will contribute a lot in making Pakistan a safe and peaceful place for the
generations to come.

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