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August 10, 2023
October 11, 2023

Pakistan Journal of Terrorism Research (PJTR) with ISSN No. 2708-2946 (Online) and 2708-2938 (Print), is an HEC recognized, bi-annual peer-reviewed research journal published by the National Counter Terrorism Authority of Pakistan (NACTA).

PJTR is seeking contributions for its Volume-5, Issue-2 (Jul-Dec, 2023), Edition. All subject experts, researchers, academics, and policy makers are strongly encouraged to actively contribute articles to PJTR, which is increasingly becoming the leading terrorism specific journal in the country. Guidelines for submission of articles are available at here. While PJTR accepts a diverse range of articles, the following themes/topics will be strongly preferred:

  1. Use of social media and the internet in terrorist propaganda, recruitment, and planning.
  2. Effective strategies for countering, managing and monitoring extremist content on social media.
  3. Case study of ISKP, TTP or any other active terrorist group in Pakistan.
  4. Comparative study of different countries’ approaches to countering violent extremism.
  5. The use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in counter-terrorism efforts.
  6. Study on the financing of terrorism, examining the sources and methods of funding for terrorist organizations and efforts to track and disrupt these financial networks.
  7. Dynamics of cyber terrorism, including the costs of mitigation and recovery, and the potential for economic disruption caused by cyber attacks.
  8. Implications of cyber terrorism for national security and intelligence agencies and the challenges/prospects of working with private sector partners.
  9. Factors driving/causing radicalization in Pakistan, such as poverty, unemployment, political marginalization, and extremist religious ideologies.
  10. Dangers of extremism at universities and effective preventive strategies.
  11. Narratives and counter-narratives in the context of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.
  12. Role of non-state actors and civil society in the fight against terrorism.
  13. Any innovative topic related to counter-terrorism/extremism.

Note: Complete Paper along with a CV(s) of the researcher(s) should be submitted to NACTA through online portal of PJTR  or at: or

For any query contact on Tel: 051-9216573, 051-9216574 (Ext: 140,116)

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