CFT INITIATIVES: Policy on Financial Investigation of Terrorism Cases by LEAs

AML/CFT Course in Islamabad for LEAs
March 6, 2024
International Workshop on Virtual Assets in Vienna(Austria)
March 6, 2024

NACTA in consultation with the stakeholders devised the first standalone policy along with implementation plan of financial investigations of terrorism cases by LEAs with the approval of Prime Minister of Pakistan, which was circulated on 22nd January, 2019. This Policy encompasses important areas of financial investigations such as proactive financial investigations, parallel financial investigations, implementation of UNSC sanctions regimes, adoption of risk-based approach in investigations, access to widest range of information, broad investigative techniques, inter-agency coordination and international cooperation, etc. The Policy emphasizes more inclusiveness in financial investigations by LEAs by making it mandatory for all JITs in terrorism cases to conduct parallel financial investigations and enabling them to seek assistance from FIA, FMU and financial regulators. The Implementation Plan of the Policy provides specific actions to be taken by LEAs and competent authorities.


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