Launching of NACTA E-Learning Portal

International Workshop on Virtual Assets in Vienna(Austria)
March 6, 2024
Mock Trial Workshops for Prosecutors and Judiciary
March 6, 2024

As a part of sustainability efforts, NACTA has been conducting regular trainings of LEAs of various aspects of ML and TF. However, reaching out to LEA officials had always remained a challenge logistically. Therefore, in order to increase outreach and accessibility, NACTA designed and launched an E-learning portal for LEAs on various aspects of Money Laundering and Terror Financing. In a ground breaking ceremony, NC NACTA inaugurated the portal where heads of training departments of LEAs and other senior officers were invited. 


The portal is designed with an aim to create an online learning-hub for LEAs in Pakistan dealing with the AML/CFT issues to develop a holistic understanding of AML/CFT framework and mechanisms in place. This will not only educate the officers and officials of LEAs on AML/CFT regime but will also help them in their day-to-day investigations and prosecutions on ML/TF related cases. Also, the ease of accessibility through internet will make future trainings cost-effective, productive and convenient. The video lectures are delivered by the subject experts on various aspects of AML/CFT regime and are mostly recorded in Urdu language to make it more comprehensible for the trainees. Similarly, an online simulator is also designed and made available on the portal to reinforce understanding through experiential learning where the trainees will learn basics about important steps involved in ML/TF investigations.

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