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July 6, 2023
PJTR Policy Document 2023
March 4, 2024

Pakistan Journal of Terrorism Research (PJTR) with ISSN No. 2708-2946 (Online) and 2708-2938 (Print), is an HEC recognized, bi-annual peer-reviewed research journal published by the National Counter Terrorism Authority of Pakistan (NACTA).

PJTR is seeking contributions for its Volume-6, Issue-1 (Jan-Jul, 2024), edition. Subject experts, researchers, academics, and policy makers are invited to contribute research articles on themes related to radicalization, estremism and terrorism. Guidelines for submission of articles are available at While following research topics will be given preference, PJTR is open to accepting any topic contributing to research on radicalization, extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.

  1. Understanding dynamics of terrorism in the Newly Merged Districts (NMDs).
  2. Mapping and monitoring of extremist / terrorist content on social media and dark web.
  3. Dangers of extremism at Universities and effective preventive strategies.
  4. Narratives and counter-narratives in the context of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.
  5. Local, regional, provincial perspectives and variation in extremism/terrorism in Pakistan.
  6. Conflict between Pakistani/Islamic values and extremist narratives.
  7. Youth and extremism: local and global online influences.
  8. Use of social media by extremist organizations: impact on youth and vulnerable groups.
  9. Animations/videos as a new tool for/against radicalization and violent extremism.
  10. Content analysis of online statements/articles/narratives of extremist organizations.
  11. Pitfalls of undocumented economy and charity: Socio-economic drivers of extremism and terrorism.
  12. Educational extremism: Textual analysis of syllabus of madaris, public and private schools.
  13. Violent extremism/terrorism and mental health issues.
  14. Comparative study of terrorist organizations in Pakistan.
  15. Casestudy of ISKP, TTP, TeJP or any other active terrorist group in Pakistan.
  16. Implications of cyber-terrorism for national security and the challenges/prospects of working with private sector partners.
  17. Darkweb: New challenges for countering terrorism.
  18. Terror financing: mehods and techniques.
  19. Non religious terroristic elements in Pakistan.
  20. Community resilience and prevention of  violent extremism.
  21. Impact of governance/economy on violent extremism and terrorism.
  22. Development deficit and extremism/terrorism.
  23. Proliferation of weapons licensing/controls and violent extremism/ terrorism.
  24. Any other social sciences research topics related to violent extremism and terrorism.

Note: Abstract / Complete Paper along with a resume / CV of the researcher(s) may be submitted to NACTA thorugh online portal of PJTR  or at: or

For any query contact on Tel: 051-9216573, 051-9216574 (Ext: 140,116,293)      



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