Revised National Action Plan – 2021

    Kinetic Domain
    1. Intolerance for Militancy – No Militant/Armed/Identified Criminal Gangs be
    Allowed to Operate
    2. Action Against Spread of Terrorism Through Media (Electronic, Print &
    Social Media) Communication & Cyber Networks
    3. Taking Effective Measures Against Religious / Sectarian Persecution &
    4. Choking of Terror Financing & Proscribed Organizations
    5. Curb Increasing Trends of Illegal Spectrum (Narco, Weapons & Human
    Non-Kinetic Domain
    6. Follow up of Counter Terrorism (CT) cases in Courts to conclusive end
    7. Capacity Building / Strengthening of CTDs
    8. Formulation, Institutionalization & Implementation of CVE Policy
    9. Regulation & Registration of Religious Seminaries / Madaris
    10.Balochistan Reconciliation Process
    11.Merged Areas of KP Reforms (NFC, Capacity Building of LEAs, LG Elections
    & Land Reforms)
    12.Reforms in Criminal Justice System (CJS)
    13.Legislative / Legal Oversight for Espionage / Subversion
    14.Repatriation of Afghan Refugees and dealing with their issues

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