Stakeholder Coordination
March 8, 2024

Day 1st

Caption: “Empowering Our Team: First Day of Comprehensive Staff Training”

Details: The Monitoring and Evaluation Branch launched its inaugural day of an extensive week-long training program today, focusing on the duties and responsibilities of staff. The day was headlined by Mr. Tahir Pervaiz, the esteemed Director of the Secretariat Training Institute, who led the session with insightful expertise. Participants engaged actively, setting the stage for a week of growth and learning.

Day 2nd

Caption: “Instilling Professional Excellence: Day Two of Staff Development Training”

Details: The Monitoring and Evaluation Branch’s ongoing training session entered its second day with a focus on General Ethics and Behavioral Discipline. Mr. Nadeem James led an interactive session on the importance of punctuality, sense of responsibility, and control. The day was marked by engaging discussions and activities that emphasized the cultivation of a professional work environment. Participants delved into the core values that underpin their roles, reinforcing their commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct and responsibility in their daily operations.


Day 3rd

Caption: “Enhancing Operational Skills: Day Three of Staff Training Series”

Details: The third day of the staff training program, organized by the Monitoring and Evaluation Branch, was dedicated to mastering Protocol Duties, understanding Traffic Rules and Regulations, and learning about Vehicle Safety and Crisis Management. The session was led by a seasoned resource person from the National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP), who brought real-world insights and expertise to the fore. Attendees engaged in practical exercises and learned vital strategies for managing unexpected situations, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the demands of their roles with confidence and efficiency.


Day 4th

Caption: “Fourth Day Focus: Vehicle Troubleshooting and Maintenance Training”

Details: Continuing the progressive journey of the week-long training, the fourth day was dedicated to imparting fundamental knowledge on vehicle troubleshooting and the maintenance of log books. Mr. Nadeem James returned as the resource person, delivering a detailed and hands-on session. Participants were immersed in learning systematic approaches to maintaining their vehicles’ longevity and ensuring accurate record-keeping. The day’s training armed the staff with essential skills to preemptively address vehicular issues and uphold meticulous administrative standards.


Day 5th

Caption: “Day Five: Cultivating Professional Decorum in Staff Behavior and Attire”

Details: The fifth day of the staff training series, orchestrated by the Monitoring and Evaluation Branch, honed in on the subtleties of mannerisms, individual and collective behavior, dress code, and integrity. Mr. Nadeem James led this pivotal session, focusing on the integral aspects of professional etiquette. The day’s interactive discussions and activities were designed to reinforce the importance of a professional appearance and conduct in the workplace. Participants explored how these elements contribute to a respectful, efficient, and cohesive working environment, reflecting the organization’s values and commitment to excellence.


Certificate Distribution

Caption: “Recognizing Dedication: Certificate Distribution Ceremony by Honorable D.G.”

Details: The conclusion of an intensive training week was marked by a prestigious certificate distribution ceremony, presided over by the distinguished Director General. The participants, having expanded their expertise in various operational domains, were honored for their commitment and active engagement throughout the sessions. This formal recognition by the D.G. not only celebrated their achievements but also underscored the importance of continuous learning and professional development within the institute.




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