Strengthening of NACTA
August 24, 2017

NACTA derives its mandate from Article 4 of NACTA Act 2013 .

Article 4 of NACTA Act spells out the following functions:

  1. to receive and collate data or information, or intelligence and disseminate and coordinate between all relevant stakeholders to formulate threat assessments with periodical reviews to be presented to the Federal Government for making adequate and timely efforts to counter terrorism and extremism;
  2. to coordinate and prepare comprehensive national counter terrorism and counter extremism strategies and review them on periodical basis;
  3. to develop action plans against terrorism and extremism and report the Federal Government about implementation of these plans on periodical basis;
  4. to carry out research on topics relevant to terrorism and extremism and to prepare and circulate documents;
  5. to carry out liaison with international entities for facilitating cooperation in areas relating to terrorism and extremism;
  6. to review relevant laws and suggest amendments to the Federal Government; and
  7. to appoint committees of experts from Government and non-Government organizations for deliberations in areas related to the mandate and functions of the Authority (NACTA).

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