Strengthening of NACTA

July 20, 2017


NACTA was established in 2008 and later formally created through Act of Parliament in 2013. Initially it was housed in a private accommodation in F-8, Islamabad and was later shifted to “R” and “S” Blocks, Pak Secretariat. In line with the profile and sensitivity of work, a BS-22 officer was appointed as National Coordinator instead of BS-20. NACTA did not come into a special focus until its strengthening was included as a formal agenda item of National Action Plan, 2014.

Human Resource:

NACTA, for years, has been marred by a dearth of human resource. However, now Establishment Division is providing the required officers on deputation-basis to NACTA. A Member JID has been posted. A comparison of Human Resource at NACTA at various points of time is given below:

Officer/Staff Posted on


Posted on


Posted on


Posted on


BPS 17-22 14 31 47 48
BPS 01-16 58 73 90 144







NACTA has been granted additional budgets as a part of its strengthening drive. The additional budgets were made possible only through strenuous efforts by the Minister for Interior. The budget positions of the current and last 04 years is as under:-

Budget Year Original Budget Revised Budget Total Budget
2013-14 Rs. 950 Million Rs. 950 Million
2014-15 Rs. 920 Million Rs. 920 Million
2015-16 Rs. 100 Million Rs. 1.11 Billion Rs. 1.21 Billion
2016-17 Rs. 109 Million Rs. 1.45 Billion Rs. 1.56 Billion
2017-18 Rs. 143.019 Million Rs. 1.45 Billion Rs. 1.59 Billion










Risk allowance equal to one Basic Pay (as on 30thJune, 2015) was approved by the Prime Minister to the employees of NACTA w.e.f 03rd August, 2015. This has paved the way for more quality Human Resource to join NACTA.

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